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Riftwar cycle…what have I gotten into?

Published August 15, 2014 by tenderleaf

OK so a while back I mentioned I was reading Magician by Raymond E Feist.  So I stopped shortly after due to one thing or another and I thought to myself, as I am going away I should start reading it again. I thought better dig my kindle out download the set of books so I am not left hanging. I fired it up and did a search thinking there was only a few to get and BAM …. How many books? Loads is the answer, now don’t get me wrong I love book series like this and if I am honest it is probably how I would write.

I love fantasy fiction from Tolkien to Gemmell and Salvatore who knows maybe one day probably knowing my luck when I am dead I may join them (hey a girl can dream) but for now I will allow myself to be swept away on master wordsmiths dreams and thoughts to worlds where I don’t have to worry about a thing.


Thanks to Simcha.

Published May 31, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well after reading Simchas blog the other day about the book The Magician, I figured I should give it a go…so my magical fingers reached into the nether and procured a copy for my kindle. I must say I am really enjoying it obviously I am a magic lover so I immediately like Pug. I am really interested to see where this book takes me. Thanks Simmy for the recommendation. .. 🙂

Books, life and loves :-)

Published May 13, 2014 by tenderleaf

Ok, so here I am it’s been a while since I posted. I haven’t been playing games real life has sorta taken over.  It looks like you will, if you are still reading this be getting my musings on life in general and some thoughts on my fave characters from books.

Hmm life in general, maybe skip that for now and go to books.
As many of you may or may not know my favourite author is David Gemmell, he is who made me wish I could write as good as him. I used to stay up all night reading because I did not want to leave Jon Shannow, Waylander or Druss. His books have characters you can really root for. I will admit it, many a tear was shed when reading his books. He wrote fantasy fiction brilliantly, the fight scenes were in a word epic.
I would never have started my degree if I hadn’t read David Gemmell’s work.

Before that though I gave my heart to a mage, Raistlin caught my attention from the moment I started reading the Dragonlance chronicles. Gold skin, hourglass eyes, moody, whats not to love. I had a beaten up copy from a charity shop that I could not put down. I also loved Tasslehoff. I collected all the books I could find involving him, his story really is good.

Of course I read Lord of the Rings and the hobbit, I also started the forgotten realms series. Mainly R A Salvatore’s work, you may know it by the name of the lead char Drizzt.

Now I am on Game of Thrones, again I have my favourite characters. Tyrion Lannister, imp that he is and Jon Snow, I can only guess how this will all unfold 🙂

So we find ourselves back at real life, seems I cannot escape long, only 6 days to finish my EMA and I keep putting it off.. really not good. :O

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