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Having fun,

Published March 25, 2015 by tenderleaf

So the last couple of days hubby and I have been running old content for achievements and just plain old fun. He had never seen most of them so was lacking some titles so figured why not, so his hunter my monk and on occasion shammy take a trip…

Lich King was fun, hubby and I taking a break on his knees,


We are going back to Firelands later to do it in Heroic, hubby seems to like it there, that is after we finish Dragon soul. Then we have numerous other places to visit and have fun in which we really should have done ages ago… hopefully the titles will start to pile up.

Onto Screenies and in game selfies, I have always loved screenies but selfies are fun too…. for example this was a screenie when the portal opened in one of my try and be artistic moments lol


And me mucking around ….



one of my faves is…


I am sure i will have many many more in the next few days from our explorations into old content, hopefully it wont bore you too much lol.


Been a long while.

Published March 25, 2015 by tenderleaf

So it has been a while since I last posted. Things went pear shaped for a while  but they are getting back on track now I hope. For quite a while I wasn’t sure I would even come back to blogging but I have decided to. Anyone that read is probably long gone but who knows perhaps they will return.

On the gaming front… I am back in wow and loving it, addicted to the selfish cam. I am on my phone at present so cannot post any screenies,  I will remedy that in the morning! Hubby and I are playing together again, we have been having fun doing old content getting him titles he missed and trying for mounts. Mount’s always a bonus ☺ so for now I am gonna sign off with a meme dedicated to my blog….


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