Published December 11, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well here we go after all the stress I have been under and still am under, the pain and numerous other things I had my rheumatolgy appointment today. These are regular because of my Sjögren’s but my GP asked me to be seen earlier than my yearly appts. The first time for these symptoms were watch and wait but today I was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia apparently there is a lot of cross overs with auto immune disorders so it is no surprise. She wants me to try Hydroxychloroquine for the Sjögren’s but doesn’t want me to try new meds for the Fibromyalgia yet as she won’t know which is working. Which makes sense. I still have my pain meds too. She also wants me to get counselling because of the depression and fibro that I have. Good luck on the nhs I said.

Because of all the stress I have been under as some may know I had to defer my uni courses this year. Probably a good thing now I know what is actually wrong. It has brought me back to an old love though WoW and new friends and of course my guild Giggles Ink.

It may not be brilliant to hide in a game but for a short while it takes my mind off of things and I am among friends. I now have an alt army again yay horde. My faves of course being monk shaman and warlock but I have soooo many more as well. I am loving the garrisons and am getting to 100 slowly on a few. Because I love being a healer but am petrified of instances I will heal bg’s at 100 🙂


2 comments on “Diagnoses.

  • Sorry to hear about ur troubles. I feel for you. My bf is also im constamt pain but cant get meds cause they csnt give him a proper diagnosis. He is just born with a body thats just msking him stiff like a log, it hurts when you touch him certain places almost like fibromyalgi. Knots all iver his muscles causing migraine like headaches. Life is a bitch and would not wish these aches you guys have on anyone. Lots of hugs from me. And i am glad you can find some stresd relief in wow. Sorry for typos. Typing on phone.

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