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Betrayed by my own school o_o

Published November 29, 2014 by tenderleaf

a post my daughter wrote pouring out her heart,


OK so ive had a lot of problems recently and of course im depressed but thats not the point I wrote a story at school and it was horror like normal, and the school always liked my work and my books and everything but this time ive been expelled… forever…
Reasons given…

Bad influence on others
Potential to badly hurt someone or myself
Potential to be a pathological killer AKA psychopath
Knife incident (I didn’t hurt anyone but I was found with it in my room at school)

I don’t think Its right I mean I can come to terms with it but theres only one thing what will be hard about it but I wont write that here. The thing is its fucked up.
I cant control other people so thats not my fault and I refuse to stop writing, and I wont change myself for anyone

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Not posted for a while.

Published November 27, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well as you may have noticed I have not posted for a while. My life at present has been upheaved totally unexpectedly. The people who I trusted with my daughter have totally disillusioned me and disheartened me, and to be quite honest my head is totally f@$$/d up at the mo. Really not a good place. My daughter is home for the forseeable future which has been really nice although challenging.
Through all of this I managed to pass my first assignments for both modules. My highest score coming from a105 which I was amazed at! Especially as it wasn’t even finished. .. go figure. So stress levels through the roof I still passed 🙂
Christmas is looming, usually my favourite time of year… amazing how things change. I still love it but it has no magic now there is no-one to make believe santas real. Christmas belongs to children. Who knows maybe this year I will make it to the crib service.

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