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well as you know ….

Published October 20, 2014 by tenderleaf

As the title says…. as a few of you know I have been very ill of late I am going back to the Dr’s this week. I have been studying when i can concentrate and I have also been playing my old love WoW. Falling back in love with my lock all over again…. I feel a screenie coming on!!


I must admit playing something like wow does get the creative juices flowing and i find myself jotting down little bits of info for stories as I go along. I joined my friends guild, Giggles Ink on Argent Dawn, with Missy and Jaedia, also making new friends. I loved ICC 25 man for Shadowmourne guys, ty for inv. I am using new laptop so can’t link their blogs at mo.  I am glad we can finally all play together. Also it is a rp server so I will be able to make up some cool backstorys to my characters, all good fun.  I also have a TMA to write this week as next week is half term and I am not making the same mistake and leaving it like last year.



Published October 13, 2014 by tenderleaf

So then today has been really stressful for reasons I don’t really want to think about. I am laying in bed awake again *surprise* I have a Dr’s appointment today, I think my body has decided it wanted to give me pleurisy again.

So anyhows laying here awake I have been thinking maybe I should crack on with assignment 1 for a215. I still have a bunch of reading to do for a105 but writing relaxes me.  I have also been watching the inkmaster seasons. Just the sounds of those machines make me want more ink! Yep planning what to get next already.

My husband wants to go and see teenage mutant ninja turtles at the cinema… seriously he really is 36. I really don’t but have given him a challenge to make lots of little romantic gestures and we will see.

Oh well suppose I should try and sleep like my hubby and dog both snoring their heads off. Wish me luck.

And its back!

Published October 10, 2014 by tenderleaf

So it has been a while, my courses have started I am really enjoying them.  On my creative writing course my tutor posted a  exercise to do, I have done it but now my brain wants yo write a poem as well with the words. I don’t think two versions of the answer would be a good idea 😦

As you can guess the insomnia is back, its been here for a while bit I have been doing my best to  ignore it but tonight it has got the better of me. Perhaps I should call out these guys…


Me at the moment lol….


Me in the morning…


Sorry for all those new readers who may have been expecting or hoping for a more intellectual blog but sadly when insomnia kicks in my brain goes on autopilot and automatically talks of rubbish and searches for memes lol!
Night all….

I hope….

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