New academic year drawing closer… eek!

Published August 15, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well it is now mid August, we go away next week and come back on the 8th of September, it would be great if I had my Creative writing module books to take away with me but I find this unlikely. I have signed up for full time this year which means A105 a level 1 course and A215 my creative writing course, obviously I need and want to get good grades in the Creative writing course and I am really crossing fingers for this. As long as i get a pass in the lvl 1 module I am ok… this is one of the reasons I will not do 2 level 2/3 modules together. I really wanted to do the Childrens literature module but it is being discontinued before I will get the chance, this makes me not so happy.

My thoughts on doing 2 modules are a little scary and I am becoming a bit stressed, with creative writing I am thinking can I write? What if I am crap? What if people laugh? What if I am not good enough? Will people like my style of writing? HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! It scares me to think my tutor will be pissing him/herself at my efforts same as others. I seem to be full of doubt at the moment.

crazy rat

I am not the most organised person in fact I am very unorganised I think I will really need to get my butt into gear. I usually sit down in front of the computer poised to write a marvel in essay writing and this happens.

scientist dog

I do have some games to play for winding down in between also of course my tv box sets to watch, at the moment it is Castle, I do like Nathan Fillion. I am actually quite happy I am usually an insomniac, i suffered badly last year this summer after the course finished I managed to sleep a little better not great but better. I am sooo dreading getting back into the horrible circle of no sleep no ability to work…. this is me…. We will see though.

brain stressed


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