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Insomnia and wildstar

Published July 25, 2014 by tenderleaf

So most of you know now I am an insomniac,  tonight in the wee early hours I decided to get up and go on Wildstar as I was just 14 and could get a house. .. so off me and my Mordesh Xeric trek to purchase our first home


Not very inspiring but with a little magic… tada



So I spent the next hour or so decorating and wishing it was bigger and had levels and wondering how I could ever make one like it but here is the inside so far… not great but me and Xeric like it.


Thats the bedroom


Not really done much here but in this one I am chilling with a cup of tea


And finally checking all I own from the roof


I really should try to sleep now, wish me luck!


Mordesh story blog

Published July 21, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well thats right I have made mu story blog based on my main in wildstar, mordesh Xeric the Medic.
You can find him at
Hope you enjoy if you stop by.

Awesome news and updates.

Published July 11, 2014 by tenderleaf

So this morning I was lying in bed doing my usual social networking before I get up and low and behold I see a post in my old uni group…THE RESULTS ARE IN so off I scoot to my uni page I log in with trepidation but I PASSED *insert lots of fireworks here.* 
It seems I am not thick and I can move onto my next courses in October very happy with myself.

So why am I writing this in the middle of the night, my insomnia is back well if I am honest it never went away. My imagination is at its most fertile of a night so I seem to get lots of writing ideas, notebook by the bed may be a good idea. So I got up had a look at my characters on Wildstar and one jumped out at me, my newly made Medic. So I created a little bio.

Geddon, the gentle giant…until he’s angry.

Large, broad chested chisled jaw line (well come on it is rock solid) he stands an imposing figure. Many of his peers are soldiers mercs selling themselves for money, not that there is anything wrong with that far from it. Geddon he is a medic, a healer a gentle soul who would rescue the smallest of roots in his giant hands so carefully as not to crush it.


When upset he is quite open with his emotions and has been known to commiserate and on occasion shed a tear with his comrades and friends.


You would think this would make him a laughing stock, a gentle giant in race of rock hard warriors…however any one that comes across him or knows him, knows in a hidden part of their psyche, the part that sends little warnings subconsciously.
DON’T GET HIM ANGRY!  after all we all have a dark side.


Not quite sure why I picked this char to start with, his name means Death thats why I picked it. I like the idea of a big butch caring emotional medic.
Can’t wait to get his housing up and running. Roll on 14.

Wildstar, so angry beware spoilers.

Published July 7, 2014 by tenderleaf

Ok so I have been playing wildstar and loving it, hubby and I are still in the trying class/race combo mode at the moment. We had been doing northern wilds tremor ridge etc but he suggested we try everstar grove (think that’s right?) So off we go *insert smurfs lala la la la la* questing happily liking everything when WTF dominion blow up the cute harmless eldertree guy. My husband was furious I was furious. Really I was not a happy Aurin and hubby was a livid Granok so we quickly dispatched the dominion in the area and moved on but that has really infuriated me as he died he said he only wanted to help. Now some might say why let a game make you angry/upset but I say why would iplay a game i pay for if I dont invest part of me in the lore etc.  So on a rp front that will never be forgiven,  and on my hubbys point of view and mine we will never play dominion.
Eldertree may you RIP



New tattoo

Published July 2, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well yesterday I went and had my tattoo appointment,  it is all done I am sore this morning but it will be worth iy when it is healed.


And this view


When it is not swollen and red anymore and completely healed I will post the finished product.
So now begins the bepanthen stage, who would have thought nappy cream would heal tatts so wonderfully! Must admit this tatt was hard going I have no idea why but it hurt the most out of all of them! Perhaps my pain receptors were having a day off although the tattooist did say it was a lot of work on the skin in a small area. Or perhaps its my body saying  no more. I hope not, I still have plans for an owl. We shall see though.

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