Summer solstice.

Published June 24, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well we travelled to Stonehenge on Friday for the Solstice, after arriving at our cabin that we had booked for the weekend we had a quick rest which involved me washing my hair and us all downing a cuppa. We wanted to be at the stones for sundown which was at around 9.20pm. We parked at the disabled car park so my mum could get a lift up we decided to walk there…oops!


It was the furthest car park away on account of the bus transfers, it was about a mile and a bit away luckily we left enough time to get there. It took roughly 20-25 minutes to walk to the stones, it was worth the walk though. Once there we found my mum who had claimed a spot fairly close to the stones.


The atmosphere was alive, my daughter and hubby went to the stones first I shortly followed after sorting the bags. It was packed but everyone was in good spirits, feeling the stones and dancing to the drums. My mum and I took the obligatory selfie 🙂


Then my daughter in between watching the drummers decided it was selfie time


And of course with me


And again.. little miss crazy eyes.


After this the sun started setting, which looked lovely


And this..


So then it really started filling up, I took some pics of my daughter at tge stones


Thats her sulky teen look lol.
We stayed with the crowd till about 1.30 then got the bus back to the car for a couple of hours to warm up. We went back up just before dawn, so many ppl were there, they reckon 37000 ppl turned up.
I didn’t get many good pics of dawn sadly on my phone, I will hunt out some from the other cameras though. We left just before the sun rose fully it was too busy and too many drunk/drugged ppl for it to be safe for my mum or daughter. My mum was using a stick unsteady on her feet.
So we got some sleep at the cabin and had a laxy afternoon.
This was my view




I can honestly say I could have stayed listening to those ducks forever. I just felt the stress ease away.
Just before we came home we did the official look at stonehenge.
There was a druid ceremony taking place.


And then there were more selfies lol


And some pics at the huts they have made there


Gotta add these




It was a brilliant weekend and if I get my way I will be going back for winter solstice.
Walking around the day we left in the relative peace and quiet you teally can feel the aura of the place or spirit…well I can anyway, a truely beautiful place. Now I gotta go through all my other pics. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed.


3 comments on “Summer solstice.

  • SO AWESOME. I always wanted to visit for a Solstice as a pagan teen but I guess the drunk/drugged folk would scare me a bit too much. Glad you had fun and OMG THAT CABIN. That’s my kind of place. ❤ Though it's quite nice where we now live. Right next to the see but away from the tourists so can listen to the sea on windy days, the birds twittering to each other, and the old chaps playing bowls next door. Still. It's no Salisbury!

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