Tattoo’s and my take on them.

Published June 14, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well, time for a different kind of post now summer is here I wear strappy tops and my tattoos are in full view. I get some disapproving looks and some lovely comments, in case you are reading this and didn’t know I am a woman.
I am heavily covered in tattoo’s, well in some peoples eyes that is how they see me. In my eyes they are part of me so I do not really register them anymore. I have a few select ones..well OK more than a few. Let’s list I have a Buddha on a lotus flower sitting against a cherry blossom tree on my back, An Autism ribbon on my right upper  arm, and a lizard amongst some flowers on my lower left inner arm close to the wrist. All of them I thought about carefully before getting. I also have a half sleeve which goes across onto my shoulder/upper chest, its classy in my eyes, I have Quan Yin who is the goddess of healing surrounded by an Asian dragon amongst waves. At the base it has a pentagram made to look like part of a flower attached at the sides by sorta vines. A lotus flower on waves on my shoulder/chest all joined together by clouds butterflies and cherry blossoms all in bright colours. All of my tattoos have colour, I am a colourful person and like to reflect this.

One thing i will say is Tattoo’s are addictive, something about the dragging of needles and the satisfaction of what you get afterwards.
I have spent hours getting inked, my half sleeve/chest piece took 14 hours to complete that was split into 2 day sittings 7 hours each, my back took 5 hours, my lizard was 2 hrs and my ribbon was 2 and a bit. I now have another tattoo booked in for the 1st July. My lower inner right forearm, hopefully it will be completed in 3 hrs. One thing I will say is there is a reason behind every single tattoo I have. They are all custom for me. The latest one is no different it too has a reason for being. So whether you hate tattooed women or love getting tattooed be great to hear your views.


2 comments on “Tattoo’s and my take on them.

  • Well, they’ve never been my thing but I love a well done tattoo. I especially like them when they have a personal meaning, and don’t just “look dope” with no other reason. So, enjoy the next ink session!

  • I love tattoos and have quite a few. My husband is also very decorated and colorful 🙂 I love everything about the experience of being tattooed, using your skin to tell some of your story, seeing others’ stories on their bodies, etc. That concept and the culture, however, are definitely not understood or accepted by a lot of people, and I’ve learned to be just fine with that. I don’t ever expect or try to change anyone’s mind about it, so I just so what makes me happy and let them make their own judgment. I do have to remain aware of the stigma though and keep most of mine covered for work (I work in an office), but the colleagues I’m close with know all about them and that side of me. Enjoy your new work, I’m sure it will be lovely!

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