True blood

Published June 11, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well finally finished season 6 and omg Eric naked sunbathing…

well true blood really is a bit of a drool fest well that season was, lets list Eric, Warlow and Alcide. I get annoyed though the amount of full frontals women get but the men don’t.  Not that I really wanna see their bits but with the amount of shifting and blood drenched Bill this season I think its double standards. Especially in a show as depraved as true blood. So that was a tad diverted… Eric better be in season 7 or I will not be impressed. This year also brings season 10 of supernatural considering it was supposed to stop at season 5, Seriously glad they didn’t. On the book front I am tempted to read Fifty shades again, it’s amusing. Although may be better to wait for the beach in Mexico for that lol. We went to Turkey the year those books came out and all you saw around the pool were women with those books.. brilliant lol. My husband isn’t very impressed the film is released on valentine’s day, which is our wedding anniversary so guess what we will be going to see lol.
Anyhows enough of my ramblings.  🙂


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