Regarding my story blog

Published May 8, 2014 by tenderleaf

Something has been bothering me for a while so I figured I better say it. If you are reading my story blog please note it is by no way or means a finished product, it has not even been reworked it is just the echoes of ideas that I am writing. 🙂 I have read some back, noticed typos etc, and I am becoming a little antsy what with new courses coming up. (The courses are turning me into a raving loon i am sure) Who knows one day I may rework them into something better but for now my little side project for fun, I am sure when I am trying to get distinctions via my writing I will need a side project I can chill to.
All your comments help on my writing by the way… pls let me know what you like what you don’t,  who knows your comment may make the difference in the long run lol.


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