Following the rabbit and karaoke!

Published April 17, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well teenagers never fail to surprise me!
A little pre warning I am writing this in bed so I have to upload each pic seperately unfortunately so what should take a few mins takes ages. So if uou are reading this and it looks half done etc you know I havent finished lol.
Anyway back to teenagers. Last night at the club bar my daughter and her friend were huddled in a corner table pouring over fb and the like with the free wifi when all of a sudden.. bam up they jump sling yhe tablet at us and say video and pics! Now bearing in mind my daughter is 14 abd looks quite her afa heres a pic lol.


It is very surprising that her and her best friend got excited about meeting loopy! Lol here’s loopy….
Now after this the did all the kiddy dances, it was nice to see actually 🙂 them not glued to phones or tablets.
After it was karaoke. I tried to sing with her but they didn’t have our song so she got up and did grenade by bruno mars. She lost confidence half way through so I got up with her and helped her over the bump and all was good. Then she went on to sing katy perry dark horse.
Inbetween songs back at our table we were being silly ad the pics below illustrate lol.
So that is me done, today we are off to Bodiam castle so I will be taking lots of pics to spam. Cya all soon.


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