Bored beyond belief.

Published April 11, 2014 by tenderleaf

Ok so not really any breaking news, I am awake and it seems hungry. So while my brain works in the background deciding whether to get up, and possibly have some tea and toast at 3 in the morning I thought I would discuss my brain contents at the mo.

Today… well after some deliberation it seems we are now taking our daughters best friend on holiday with us for a week on Saturday.  Well that came out of the blue, at least it will give her some company that isn’t old fogeyish like us lol.

I rang my university today enquiring about my next courses. I wanted to move onto creative writing in October but it seems they want me to run another 60 credits along side to allow me to do it not sure I can handle 120 credits in 3 different subjects.. academic english, spanish and creative writing.  Oh decisions decisions!  Maybe I will have to wait a year till the creative writing. 😦 not a very happy bunny.

Right my tummy is rumbling I won’t get back to sleep like it so seems I must get up… the nightowl emerges again!


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