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Still awake

Published March 31, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well the title says it all, I am still awake trying to sleep but to no avail. Why can’t I just sleep. My daughter was still awake as of 20 mins ago which means she is going to be a bad tempered zombie in the morning. If I am not asleep by 3am I am getting up I have decided.



It’s not fair hubby can sleep any time of day…or night for that matter, but me…


And then what if I did get to sleep and…


You just know I am turning into…



Ok sooo… dreamweaving and..

Published March 30, 2014 by tenderleaf

I shouldn’t be allowed to cruise the internet I was watching a vid on dreamweaving and guess what I now have to do get another slot on my mage and become a dreamweaver too. I really do love crafting. The whole idea of making dimensions and being able to decorate them like that is awesome. And it has to be done on my main of course. What am I letting myself into?

As to this weekend, I got to 37 which I am happy about. I should spend the next few days sorting out my essay urrrgggh really do not feel like it, but oh well.

Hopefully I will sleep tonight. If not I may get up and craft!

New rift video

Published March 29, 2014 by tenderleaf

Well I succeeded in making my video and uploading it to youtube.. it was fun it tells the story of a man and woman in love he falls whilst battling a rift, she kneels by his body and remembers the good times they have had (in sepia) she then goes to a healer and begs him to bring her man back which he does.

I have no idea how to imbed it my tries have failed.

To get up or not to get up? That is the question.

Published March 29, 2014 by tenderleaf

Whether to stay staring at the ceiling in the dark or venture downstairs, turn the PC on and get on Rift. Decisions decisions. .. I should stay in bed but it is soooo annoying being unable to sleep with my hubby and dog snoring their heads off respectively.
I would read but I promised myself I won’t read anything until I have read the story for my assignment due in this week, I really do not fancy that and note taking right now!
So I have to ask myself if I lay here awake are my bones going to start hurting? Probably,  but can I be bothered with getting up? Probably not. .. am I going to continue writing garbage on here? Most probably yes.

Well my daughter came in angry from school today, she was angry with me because I told the school something she didn’t want me to.  I have decided that you can’t always be your daughter’s friend sometimes you have to be the parent even if that means she hates me for a while.

I am going to look for a last minute holiday for over the easter holiday soon, no idea where we will end up but somewhere that takes dogs. This is Flossie my mums dog… trying to find a pic of mine..


This is my gorgeous guinny, short for Guinness.


And this is guinny and flossie together


Gorgeous pair of dogs 🙂

Well i am editing this as it is now 04.25 and i got up, i managed to get my artificer, runecrafter and outfitter all to 100 skill armourer is still stuck at 60 something but it was a productive hour 🙂 now I am going back to bed to see if i can sleep, at least i can take painkillers now, it may stop my bones from hurting… i can hope.

Surfing the internet highway

Published March 28, 2014 by tenderleaf

Ok so I am in bed getting ready to settle down, I am playing with my phone and where do my little typing fingers take me…
CUTE MEMES ALERT…here we go.

This owl can tickle me anytime its so cute.. as long as those claws are hidden away lol.


I can see this happening in the future


I had to smuggle a pic of my husband in somewhere lol.


Oh yes definately something I can relate to.


And finally another cute kitten one.


Oh hands when will you ever stop looking for cute memes.

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